Tide Hop, Sept. 1963

We aren’t quite done with the ‘60s. This week we travel back in time over half a century, 53 years to be exact, and take a look at the University through the reporting of the Crimson White in 1963.

Campus carry brings potential dangers

The University of Alabama, like most public colleges and universities in the United States, does not allow concealed carry of firearms or dangerous weapons, with the exception of University Police or other security certified by the University.

Brown is back, hungry to get back out there

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to play the No. 1 team in the country on its own stomping grounds, Kentucky now has to worry about Tony Brown.


SHC offers various forms of contraception to students

Contraception can be a tricky issue for college students. Purchasing it at a store can often be embarrassing, and finding a doctor in Tuscaloosa can be a hassle. But for students at The University of Alabama, there are some options for meeting sexual health needs on campus.

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Music to her ears: Boswell perfects her shooting

Growing up, Alabama sophomore Abbie Boswell was not just a soccer player. She was a musician, someone who loved to practice and work on her singing voice from an early age. Music has always been a big portion of Boswell's life.

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High Cuisine in T-Town: Cypress Inn and River

Though Tuscaloosa is a city filled with bars and fast food restaurants, the fine dining scene is scarce, with only a few restaurants such as Cypress Inn and River filling the role.

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