Woman missing after the 2011 tornado found healthy in Florida

Investigators found a woman who went missing in the April 27, 2011 tornado healthy in Florida, a press release from the Tuscaloosa Police Department confirmed.

TPD investigators received information that Laurie Anne Macconnell was located in Florida on Nov.

Out-of-state students struggle to go home for the holidays

With the increasing number of out-of-state students attending UA, some of them face a tough decision when it comes to breaks for the holidays. Stay in Tuscaloosa or pay a high fee just to get a couple of days back home?


Students struggle to vote through mailing center

In 1950, it cost $1.50 to vote in Alabama. In 2015, it costs $60. The former was due to a poll tax and the latter due to a flaw in The University of Alabama’s mail system.

At the University, students can receive packages and other trackable items for free, but to receive letter mail as well, they must rent a mailbox for $60 a semester – up from $50 last year.

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Alabama players discuss how the Iron Bowl impacts their families

There’s a day in Alabama that overshadows all others. When Alabama meets Auburn on the football field for the annual Iron Bowl the whole state watches. 

Center Ryan Kelly has plenty of experience with the Iron Bowl, but he still struggles to communicate the significance of the game to his friends and family back home in Ohio. 

“I think they have to come to one of the games, or just an Alabama game in general, to understand how big it means," Kelly said.

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UA student shares international experience

In the spring, Ann Elizabeth’s morning commutes consisted of views of Big Ben and rides on the Tube. Most days she was working in the House of Lords, very similar to the United States senate, where she worked for the Liberal Democrat Party researching women’s policies in the UK. On Fridays, she could be found taking classes at an English university. 

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We stand with survivors

Assume you are a survivor of sexual assault. You find your way to a counseling or judicial center on your college campus only to find your college can do little to help you before you file a police report against the accused.

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